Regulation of the Permanence or Possible Return to the ERSU University Residences of Palermo for offsite students

The ERSU of Palermo informs that, until new provisions by the competent Authorities that also liberalize the use of university residential structures, access to the university residences will be regulated as follows:

The only structures intended for use by the students will be the San Saverio university residence and the Santi Romano university residence, where the necessary interventions are being carried out to guarantee the emergency hygiene and safety standards prescribed by current regulations.

In consideration of the resumption of mobility within the Region, the Sicilian students and students from outside the ERSU residences are invited to return to their home as training activities in the presence of UNIPA are currently suspended. Students whose family unit resides outside Sicily are invited to leave the accommodation from next June 3, given that this is made possible by the new provisions on intra-regional mobility; foreign students will be able to maintain accommodation until the date of reopening the borders with the countries of origin.

However, students who have proven needs to stay at university residences – despite the fact that the teaching activities take place almost entirely online – will be able, upon presentation of a motivated request (in-place traineeships, thesis compilation, need to access university libraries, etc. .), have granted permission to stay or return to the ERSU Palermo facilities for a specified period.

In order to comply with the safety rules dictated by the Covid 19 emergency, students will only be assigned rooms for single use, therefore the number of places available will be very small compared to the ordinary capacity.

Students who are authorized to stay in the facilities must scrupulously respect the current rules of social distancing. In this regard, it is recommended to maintain behaviors dictated by the sense of responsibility and the awareness that the emergency situation requires for the guarantee and protection of everyone’s health.

The ERSU also announces that these days work is underway to carry out mandatory serological screening to all students whose motivations will be considered valid for authorization to stay and return to residences. The screening will be carried out in collaboration with the Department of Health, Maternal and Child Promotion, Internal Medicine and Excellence Specialist (PROMISE) “G. D’Alessandro “of the University of Palermo.

It will be possible to apply for a stay or for any return, starting from June 5, 2020, through a specific form on the ERSU Student Portal in Palermo.


For any information relating to the request to stay or return to the Residences, you can contact the offices by:

telephone at 0916543101 from MON to FRI from 9.00 to 13.00;

by mail, by sending a request to;

by connecting with our Offices through Notify, the Portal dedicated to the institutional communication of the Authority, reachable at the following link, where there is also a dedicated chat service, available from MON to FRI from 9.00 to 13.00.

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