ERSU Palermo offers short-term accommodation to visiting professors, lecturers, university research scientists, Master and PhD students.

Residential facilities are diversified in different types, according to arrangements, services offered and prices.


Accommodation Office

address: Santi Romano Hall of Residence, viale delle Scienze-Building n.1

email: foresteria@ersupalermo.it

Tel 091 6543101

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00  to 13.00 .

Wednesday from 15.00  to 17.00 .


Canteen service

Canteen service is available to visiting professors, lecturers, researchers who pay € 6,50 for each meal.

For Master and PhD students each meal costs € 5,50, but for the students coming from particularly poor countries the price of a meal is 1,50€. To access eating facilities they must have a special card issued by ERSU Restaurant Office.


    • Mensa Santi Romano

    The canteen is located inside the Campus in Viale delle Scienze, Building N. 1 – Palermo Tel. 091/487889

    Mensa “San Saverio”

    via G. di Cristina, 7 – Palermo Tel. 091/6547520


    • Mensa “Ospedale Civico”

    Piazza Nicola Leotta, 4 – Palermo




email: ristorazione@ersupalermo.it

Tel 091 6545929

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00  to 13.00

 Wednesday from 15.00 to 17.00